Classic lashes are one extension applied to one natural lash only, therefore if you only have 50 suitable natural lashes per eye, then you will only achieve a look of 50 eyelash extensions, whereas if you have 100 natural lashes per eye then you will achieve a look of 100 extensions per eye. Classic lashes are suitable for the following client: Clients that have a good amount of healthy natural lashes: Clients that are younger and have few gaps in their lash line: Clients that desire a natural/medium effective​​​​​​​​​​
Volume lashes are a newer and more innovative technique where multiple extensions are attached to one lash to give more dimension and texture. They provide a fuller look and require more skill. Aymee usually create custom fans of multiple lashes to put on each hair — you can have anywhere from two to six extensions attached to each individual natural lash, depending on how dramatic you want to go.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions. These lashes are a combination of the classic 1:1 extensions and 2D/3D volume lash extensions. This is a great option if you have sparse natural lashes and would like to fill in gaps and add volume

What is the eyelash lift and tint?
It’s a process where solution is applied to your natural eyelashes while soft pads are protecting your under eyes. It is followed by tinting the lashes with a safe dye. The eyelash tint usually costs extra, but it is totally worth it. The procedure is completely safe as long as it’s done by an experienced professional! The eyelash lift and tint is a great alternative to eyelash extensions, which cost much more to maintain! lash lift and tint lasts up to 8 weeks and it takes about 45 min to complete.You basically would be napping the entire time and wake up looking like a brand new you!

Everyone meet Aymee-Our Lash Stylist and Brow Specialist

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Aymee joined our team in December of 2017. She has a broad knowledge and experience in variety of lash services! She also offers lash lifts and tints as well as eyebrow and lip waxing. Aymee pays attention to details and she is exeptional in airbrush make-up and regular make-up.

We have been in business for over 30 years! Our clients are people who want a great haircut and know we are color artists - our talent with color separates us from the rest! Split Ends stylists are talented professionals that listen and are ready to design a cut and color that meets your individual style. Anyone who's been to Split Ends knows the vibe: Sometimes it's catching up on the latest style trends...Chatting about the great new inventions in the Beauty industry...Asking advice on what you should do to your hair...
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