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We are profiling a stylist every month - for fun and to get to know each other better... This months featured stylist is the calm and kindhearted Kristy Frye. Kristy went to school for cosmetology and has been working in the industry for about one and a half years. In fact, her career began here as Violet’s assistant – so we know she is well trained! She has also taken on additional responsibilities in the salon, including being one of our wedding consultants. She manages her career while taking good care of her younger sisters and brothers and works hard to stay up-to-date on the latest hair trends by attending workshops and classes. Here are Kristy's answers:

We have been in business for over 30 years! Our clients are people who want a great haircut and know we are color artists - our talent with color separates us from the rest! Split Ends stylists are talented professionals that listen and are ready to design a cut and color that meets your individual style. Anyone who's been to Split Ends knows the vibe: Sometimes it's catching up on the latest style trends...Chatting about the great new inventions in the Beauty industry...Asking advice on what you should do to your hair...
...Or just having a good laugh with your stylist!

It's what makes Split Ends one of the TOP salons in the area! The

place to be for Color, Haircuts, Highlights, Lash and Hair extensions

or Wedding Parties! 

Join us for a fun visit with friends and leave smiling with a quality style that fits your lifestyle. Thank you so much for your patronage.

owner -Violeta Dimitrova

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This month's Stylist profile

-What inspired you to choose this field?

K: My interest in beauty, fashion, and people inspired me to choose the cosmetology field. And I love it!
-What's your favorite part about being a hair stylist?
K: Being an artist. I take an artist’s approach to hair and make-up, and do my best to create beautiful, creative looks for my clients with attention to detail and excellent technique. 
-What or who inspires you?
K: My family inspires me. They have always supported and encouraged me no matter what.
-How would you describe your approach to hair? 
K: All hair types are my favorite. I love getting to know my clients, and this helps me find a style that fits their personality. 
-What separates you from other stylists?  
K: I don’t consider myself separate from the other stylists; we are a team. But, maybe that’s what makes me fantastically different! 
-Why do you think people should come to Split Ends Salon...What do you think makes Split Ends special?
K: People should come to Split Ends because we have a bunch of lovable stylists and offer the best service to each person who walks in the door!

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