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Hello beautiful clients,
We are profiling a stylist every month (or so…) - for fun and to get to know each other better... This months featured stylist is the easy going and always pleasant to talk to Jordan Coutu – in fact, she can pleasantly talk to you in English or Portuguese! Jordan went to school for cosmetology at Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School, and has been working in the industry for almost eight years. She is actually one of our stylists that has been with us the longest. She manages her career while being a relatively new mommy to her daughter, Jemma, who is now two and a half years old. Here are Jordan's answers:

We have been in business for over 30 years! Our clients are people who want a great haircut and know we are color artists - our talent with color separates us from the rest! Split Ends stylists are talented professionals that listen and are ready to design a cut and color that meets your individual style. Anyone who's been to Split Ends knows the vibe: Sometimes it's catching up on the latest style trends...Chatting about the great new inventions in the Beauty industry...Asking advice on what you should do to your hair...
...Or just having a good laugh with your stylist!

It's what makes Split Ends one of the TOP salons in the area! The

place to be for Color, Haircuts, Highlights, Lash and Hair extensions

or Wedding Parties! 

Join us for a fun visit with friends and leave smiling with a quality style that fits your lifestyle. Thank you so much for your patronage.

owner -Violeta Dimitrova

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This month's Stylist profile

-What inspired you to choose this field?

J: I can’t remember wanting to be anything else. Being a hair stylist and working with people really is a rewarding career. And I work with other stylists who love what they do too, and we laugh and spend our day watching women (men and kids too!) smile and relax as what we do makes them feel more confident and beautiful! I love it!
-What's your favorite part about being a hair stylist?
J: Being able to express my creative side, using all the tools of cutting, coloring, and styling to create a look that works for my clients! 
-What or who inspires you?
J: My daughter Jemma inspires me now – I hope she sees that I love what I do and that you can be anything you want to be, and be happy and successful if you work hard.
-How would you describe your approach to hair? 
J: I approach all hair differently; it depends on my client’s style and personality. I do love Ombre foiling, balayage, block coloring, short and long cuts…plus, I personally have lots of very curly hair, so I know how to work with curls for sure!
-What separates you from other stylists?  
J: Sitting in my chair is like no other! I love what I do and I’m good at it!
-Why do you think people should come to Split Ends Salon...What do you think makes Split Ends special?
J: A qualified team of unique stylists that work to make sure that every client has a great experience at the salon we all truly love.

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